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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 5, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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happy cinco de mayo. nicole: mornings with maria beginning right now. maria: thank you so much. we are all over that job's number. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, happy friday. friday may fifth, cinco de mayo, a house passing to repeal and replace obamacare. president trump is confident he will fulfill one of those top campaign promises. >> we are going to get this passed through the senate, i feel so confident and this is a great plan, i actually think it would get even better and this is, make no mistake, this is a repeal and a replace of obamacare, make no mistake about it. [applause] maria: we are looking at next steps in the process. more turbulence for the airlines, delta facing fiery.
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the fall-outcoming up. another road block to report over uber's use of software to avoid local regulators. we have the very latest. auto maker laying more than 100 workers due to weak demand. what that says about the sector. the april job's report on deck, due out in about two hours. 158,000 -- 185,000 jobs in the month. our monthly job's story coming up this morning. big story for market this is week. crude oil at lowest level since november, take a lock. we are seeing a bit of a recovery this morning, down a penny, 45.51. prices down 5% in the week alone. markets will open open mixed, dow industrials expected to be down and fraction, nasdaq up a fraction, of course, the job's report will set the tone for markets and whether he get that
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number in two and a half hours. in europe ahead of french vote, big story in europe, election sunday night, the markets there are mixed, ftse up a fraction, dax index down a third of a percent. in asia overnight markets were lower, nikkei average and kospi still closed for holidays in japan and korea. the hang seng and shanghai both down. a twist on red lobster favorite, how it's giving new taste of the cheddar bay biscuit. dagen mcdowell and financial analyst heather is with us. great to see you. >> good to see you. maria: good morning. >> happy cinco de mayo. maria: they did it? dagen: the democrats acted like 3-year-olds. >> singing. [laughter] >> are they really singing. maria: it's true they were
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singing. they are trying to turn this an issue of morality which we heard from nancy pelosi and hillary clinton weighing in as well. maria: it's funny that they had a conference call that they all got on the same page, say no to the vote, i'm talking about everybody from chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to governors, they just all got on the same page to try to obstruct. dagen: the republicans move to change this for ideological reasons but also because obamacare was collapsing in on it. >> it's not working. >> you have to put another plan in place. it doesn't mean that it'll be perfect. let's try it. the senate will make changes before it passes. maria: 94 out of 95 counties in iowa are without health care. aetna just walked away from virginia. you've got really the obamacare legislation collapsing right in front of our eyes.
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dagen: one-third of the counties across the nation only have one insurer. maria: no choices. dagen: which started at the beginning of this year. maria: how this bill is different post the couple of weeks where they have been negotiating, we will get into that this morning. congressional republicans one step close the other repealing and replacing obamacare this morning after and a half rowly approving a bill by vote of 217-213, 20 republicans voted against the bill along with house democrats, the measure moves to senate where it faces political challenges. president is confidence that they can come together and get this done. >> i think we will get it through. the republicans are very united like before. you see that today. the republicans came together all of a sudden two days ago, it was like magic, very, very united. you saw that today and you'll see it again, the senate is looking forward to getting it,
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mitch mcconnell knows how to do things and i think we are going to have really great health care for a long time. maria: having said that, democrats insist they will be rewarded for opposition by voters in the ballot box as republicans reach the majority, democrats erupted into song, they chanted, hey, hey, good-bye. listen to this. [inaudible] maria: you can't really hear it. [laughter] maria: you wonder how all of this on transaction is going to play out 2018. dagen: the talk among politicians and lawmakers, it always turns to who is going to win in the next election. that's immediately where the discussion went. how about the fact that this has been hugely burdensome to this
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economy and american businesses and people since it was passed in 2010 or 2009. let's talk about what this repeal will do. it will free up smaller businesses to actually go out there and higher and operate without all of these regulations from the government. younger people potentially will be able to buy much cheaper insurance if the state waived those requirements for health coverage. that tax is repealed. >> 3.8% tax. dagen: 29,000 jobs lost in the three-year period just in that industry alone. i know a lot of democrats come on your program said it didn't affect the economy, that's just hogwash. maria: you have to expect that it's going to impact the economy one way or the other. 18%. >> absolutely. i look at it from the employer
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side, you know, the affordable care act had such an impact for employers on their ability to hire and the costs and the burden that they had to take on. we saw them change -- [inaudible] maria: wouldn't hire more than 49 employees. >> it's ashame for us to see that the house is passing this and this is the way the democrats are acting, i think with dagen's point it is kind of childish, to me you look at that and say that's embarrassing. maria: they think it's going to help them in 2018. dagen: they are behaving like spoiled little brats. we are talking about peoples' health care, they act like they care about the health of the american people, then you don't act like that. you try and fix what's wrong with obamacare because if they
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look at that, you know, i'm thankful i don't have to listen to nancy pelosi wag her finger at us and say affordable, affordable. maria: it's almost like they are ignoring what the voters said by blowing everybody off by saying, we are going to obstruct anything and we know it's a lie, a couple of years ago they were all in and just to obstruct the agenda, they push back on gorsuch. taking preexisting conditions and putting on states, you're taking the sick people out of the pool to make that pool broader for young people as you say, that will, in fact, lower costs, that's the goal, lower premiums. dagen: rather than hiding the costs for covering those with preexisting conditions within health insurance premiums, you will have -- taxpayers helping foot the bill at the state level. if the state choose to waive those restrictions. it's going to be a --
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>> i believe it's 63 days that you have to choose not to be insured over the past 12 months that have to lapse in order to not be covered. so you choose not to pay for coverage, not to buy coverage. we are not saying we won't cover you for terminal illness. that's an important distinction. maria: voted to approve a bill that will repeal some parts of dodd-frank. president trump had this floaj, quote, do a big number on dodd-frank. is this the right direction? obviously the regulate other part of this has been a pressure for businesses, so rolling back dodd-frank is helpful? >> well, you know, i think that what we are going to see is that if we can get some of these things done, i think the regulations are going to be very helpful to businesses because it will -- maria: right. >> we saw that.
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there was a lot of optimism at the beginning of the year around tax reform and healthcare reform and then all of a sudden we definitely saw a change that employers started to kind of hold back for making those hires and the reason is they were wait to go see what's really going to happen, are we going to get tax reform, are we going to get health care reform and what's going to happen with dodd-frank, if the changes are going to go through, i think this could be very good for the economy, it could be good for hiring, good for jobs, also positive for the banks if dodd-frank is repealed or replaced. maria: yeah. >> i think it's going to be very positive, maria. maria: financial services obviously the group to watch. keep it right here, we are bringing you live coverage and analysis of the april's job report. we know last month was a weak number. we are expecting a pretty good number this morning, 185,000 jobs to have been added to the economy last month so we are all on that 8:00 a.m. this morning. we will identify where the jobs are in this economy.
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we will take a brake for now. putting the brakes ford is planning to lay off more than 100 workers that's due to weak demand. what has occurred in the auto sector in the last quarter in we are taking a look this morning. more trouble in the skies, delta in hot water today after a couplele said they were kicked off and threatened with jail after refuse to go give up their toddler's seat that they already paid for. the outrage coming up ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial.
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maria: welcome back, crisis in venezuela as armored vehicle rolls over protestors. it was all caught on camera. cheryl casone with the details, cheryl. cheryl: maria this video of clash between protestors and police in venezuela is going viral. authorities fired tear gas at the crowd and then an armored vehicle pushes back protestors and rolls over the crowd. that tank then goes up in flames. so this is just the latest scene of escalating violence as the death tolls rise to 37 over 1700 people have been arrested since arrests began last month, nearly 600 have been jailed according
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to human rights groups. airline under fire again. watch this. >> then they can remove me off the plane. yeah, that's okay. >> that's a federal offense. >> okay. so my -- wait, we are going to be in jail and my kids are going to what? i bought that seat. cheryl: california dad says they were taken off delta flight if they didn't comply this after they refused to give up seat. they boarded the plane without issue but were told that the 2-year-old had to give up the technically empty seat to accommodate a passenger. 2-year-olds cannot be on the sit and must sit on adult's lap which is actually not the case under federal compliance. delta did say in a statement
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that they are, quote, sorry for the unfortunate experience the family had, they are since reach out to compensate them for their trip. ford announcing it will temporarily lay off 130 workers at a factory near cleveland, the supply of media work trucks that have been hit by softening demand recently and layoffs until new versions of s650 and commercial trucks launched in september. and gas prices falling ahead of the summer's oil drop to a 5-month low. big market story but here is the gas story, aaa are declining in an average of 3 cents per gallon this week. that's pretty big. lowest settlement on those contracts. oil looking at a 7-point percent, so maybe traders aren't so happy but drivers are.
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maria: yeah, that's true. thanks so much going into the weekend, cheryl. uber can't seem to steer away from trouble. under criminal investigation over using software to avoid law enforcement. we have the latest there. and then time to saddle up, we are counting down to the fastest two minutes in sports, everything you need to know after placing bet in kentucky derby, we are taking you live to churchill downs back in a moment i accept i'm not the hiker i was. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best.
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maria: time to place your bets, kentucky derby kicks off tomorrow. janice dean, hat and all. good morning, janice. janice: yes, you need your hat today because it is pouring rain. now, this is the oaks day, this is the day where the phillies take the track. this is the first time i have before out here. i will be here rain, shine, thunder, snow. let's take a look at the weather, shall we, people are going start to blame me for the muddy track although the horses are actually enjoying being out of the stable, that's the good thing. rain is going to be in the forecast throughout the day
6:22 am
today, we have the area of low pressure that's lumbering across the ohio valley and ongoing showers and thunderstorms, heavy rainfall throughout the day and that's the rainfall that's bringing the flooding across the midwest and eventually move towards the east coast. tomorrow a better day for the derby, we are still going to see rain in the forecast, we will see peeks of sunshine. temperatures rather cool for this time of year and if you're placing your bets, this is the first time in a long time where there's no real favored horse to win but the odds right now are classic empire, mccracken and always dreaming and those are the favorites to win. i was talking to somebody today that said every horse has a good chance at the derby and if you want to win the triple crown that's the beginning of it, it all ends at the belmont. that happened in 2015 and i was
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there, it was american pharaoh. i love this kind of thing even in the rain, maria, unfortunately, i will take the heat today for the rain. by the way, you can place your bets not only today, today is the oaks and i have the official program right here, 143rd kentucky oaks and the derby is tomorrow. people are urge today wear pink because it is the race of the lilies and so we are also racing awareness for breast cancer. i'm excited. are you? maria: yes, we are. you got us excited. thanks, janice, we will be watching. janice dean. meanwhile we had a great week at mornings with maria, check out top moments of the program this week. >> let me ask you about fannie and freddie because you talked a lot about the need for those two housing giants to be privatized, where is that in your priority list? >> again, i haven't said that they would be privatized, what i said i'm committed to housing
6:24 am
reform and committed not to leave them as is for the next four years. maria: what do you envision in terms of what on infrastructure plan will look like? >> i expect that we will have some kind of infrastructure initiative proposal by the third quarter, some details to be filled out before then. maria: then what happens, once you get overwhelming support for the bill in the house? >> the old saturday morning television program. it's only a bill that's sitting over capitol hill, go over to the senate and the senate will pass something entirely different. maria: i look schoolhouse rock. pelosi says caucus plans to rally against what they call trumpcare, is it as bad as nancy pelosi says? dagen: it's never as bad as nancy pelosi says. maria: a swamp cabinet and nancy pelosi calls the health care bill a monstrosity.
6:25 am
to people really believe that? >> they had a revolution at the ballot box and they wanted to go in a different direction. we can't continue with the economic politics, we need to create jobs and economic growth. maria: you think the tax plan will move the needle on growth? >> we believe that we can get 3% sustained economic growth that's going to take us some time but that's our objective and that's what we believe we can get to. >> important to remember, this economy is capable of growing faster. we are capable of unleashing high productive and inclusive growth as long as the politicians focus on that goal. maria: were you happy with the spending bill? >> i would like to see more of an emphasis on the border wall
6:26 am
but i think that's going to wait till the 2018. >> the president got more money for defense and more money for border security and more money for school choice, he did that without adding to the deficit and what the democrats don't want you to know they cut a bill that allowed him to do that. maria: would this be the sanctuary law of the land? >> this texas proposal that governor abbott told you is unique and creative in that is it is the state telling its employees, you will at our expense enforce federal law. that is is perfectly lawful. maria: when you shot bin laden, did you make eye contact? >> i looked right at him and i'm not sure he could see me because it was so dark and i had night vision. it was a matter of feet, close -- than you and i were now. we knew that we weren't coming back but we did it for the people that died in 9/11. >> we have to stop thinking about tech as a sector and tech as enable her that's cutting across every sector.
6:27 am
maria: you're working on the new film. >> a movie about the federal reserve bank. maria: we are looking at pictures right now. exclusive sneak peek. in some cases or corners would be seen as dry, you made it sexy. >> i think it's sexy, any time you can come up with an institution that's highly protected that is almost impossible to rob and then you can rob it in a film, it's fun, it's entertaining think of all you'll share... like snoring. does your bed do that? the dual adjustability of a sleep number bed allows you each to choose the firmness and comfort you want. so every couple can get the best sleep ever. does your bed do that? for a limited time save $900 - $1200 on select final clearance beds during our spring clearance event. only at a sleep number store or
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maria: that friday morning thanks for joining us. it is friday, may 5. your top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. it is jobs day. jobs in america. the job as a pour is important is coming out in two hours from now. the economy expected to have added hundred 85,000 jobs in the last month. the unemployment rate expected to take up. it will set the tone for markets of course andnow look mixed. it's expected to be down about 12 points. europe markets are mixed ahead of the french vote. the markets are as you see sitting right around break even. in asia overnight. markets were lower. the shanghai and down three quarters of 1%. treading into dangerous waters.
6:31 am
the growing tensions over the new deal. and they are looking at the use of software. we have the follow up this morning. a major milestone for tentative report. the first jet produced in the country takes off. details coming there. and a taste of red lobster in a whole new way. look how they are celebrating that cheddar bake biscuits. >> we will really be able to jacked up our prices. guardians of that galaxy to its theaters this weekend. new tensions between the u.s. and russia over syria. iran, turkey and russia have all agreed on a proposal to
6:32 am
create de-escalation zones. the russian new agencies are seen that they will not be able to fly over those safe zones. a new book out right now. great to see you. ai is the only thing people are talking about these days in terms of technology. let's get your thoughts on russia and the safe zone plan. >> what you expect. it's been moving steadily into the direction of putin's russia. has to be expected. they will do something with america. and now it's another big test for the administration because we knew that the no-fly zones and to be scattered by the
6:33 am
americans. now its opposite. they are cutting america off in the administration well had to think about the proper response. >> it's not easy. i don't think there's any other chance but to find the response. otherwise at the middle east will be lost. neither of them have any interest. they're looking for creating more tension. >> in terms of the strikes that they made an syria what kind of message it sent to russia and iran. this administration will act unlike the obama administration. but still with good news it have a shocking worth effect
6:34 am
in russia. but one with it is a different strategy. hopefully americans will understand that without the american presence in the region there will be no peace and eventually the terrorism and the refugees will not stay in the region. they are flying near alaska's air defense is on. it was a tense situation coming just hours after rex tillerson spoke about the relationship between russia and the u.s. >> i know many of you heard from my trip to moscow and characterized president it was the lowest this relationship has been since the cold war. he did not disagree. i said it is spiraling down
6:35 am
it's getting worse. we cannot have the two greatest nuclear powers in the world cannot have this kind of relationship. we have to change it. >> how would you characterize the relationship right now, and what about the flights near arrest. -- alaska. >> used to listen to russian television. and they need to show that all the time. the economy is in terrible shape. he doesn't expect any improvements he will keep creating problems. that's his only currency. >> and so far as the best currency because under the obama america they have that. >> do you think they are more antagonistic than ever before. >> as long as putin stays there it will be the same.
6:36 am
he needs an enemy to explain why they are so poor. and why he seen the power for the rest of his life. what about the probe into russian election meddling. >> the director said basically what i've been saying for years. >> so you mentioned oil prices. oil closed at the lowest level since late november. it was just down when oil starts collapsing like that it hurts russia's economy. we have seen him do that. >> is to make sure they're
6:37 am
compensated for they are compensated for all of their losses. so he will look for more trouble. he knows it will never go back to 100 plus. he will scratch here and there. and he will look for more problems hoping that maybe even the problems in the middle east. most importantly he can divert the attention. >> i love the fact that they said he so popular in russia. what would you say if you get a call from the kremlin. >> there's only one dish the
6:38 am
dish will be popular. >> ibc with obviously with the job report today coming out there is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and is going to take over the jobs of the future and i was really interested in your book what is your take on how that will impact jobs. >> there's a big conference in texas that i was at this is a big issue for them. this is the history of civilization and process. the difference now that they are coming out. but every repression will feel this pressure will stop making progress. i don't think machines will make us obsolete but i think
6:39 am
our complacency might. as long as we are moving forward and had new frontiers we can stop looking for that. >> how many times have you been beaten and tested my computer. a few days the 20th anniversary with the blue. it's interesting because many people thought it was a milestone if the machine could beat the chess world champion. in fact with the hardware becomes big enough and algorithms become smart enough.
6:40 am
if we look at intelligence as we understand it. we are still making this progress and in the direction of creating this kind of human intelligence. i don't think they will become a reality. the machine gets smarter we get smarter. i think it will force us to take more risk because we will have to prove that we can create new industries and find new frontiers. the book deep thinking.
6:41 am
great to see. coming up. huber -- and uber can't seem to stay out of trouble. and then red lobsters new way to satisfy the cheddar bake biscuit craving. [music] a little bit left a little bit of right. stand over here. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. buttrust angie's list to help., [ barks ] visit today.
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welcome back. futures is sparking to a mixed opening this money. the nasdaq morning. the nasdaq and s&p 500 fractionally better on the morning. that will really set the tone for this market. signet reporting first quarter results. a better-than-expected profit. the revenue already coming in above expectations.
6:45 am
johnson and johnson hit with another massive find over talcum powder. a woman said she developed ovarian cancer after using products for decades. uber reportedly been criminally investigated by the justice department. >> the investigation is over a software tool used by drivers and over engineers. it was known as a gray ball and it helped them circumvent law enforcement agencies that were trying to clamp down on it's a service in areas where they were not permitted. they were looking for how they used that software. >> some high drama at an oklahoma city amusement park. you can see them on the civil bullet. been removed one by one.
6:46 am
it's more than 80 feet tall. eight people are rescued when the bride stalled last year. china is launching its test flight. it safely landed at shanghai international airport. it looks similar to an airbus. there much the same. the manufacture said it has received a 570 orders so far. if you love red lobsters cheddar bake biscuits now you can keep that taste with you all day long. they are releasing a limited edition flavor. to get your lips on one you need to sign-up sign up for the first catch club by
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c1 that was a new clip from the guardians of the galaxy to is starting chris pratt. senior vice president. great to see michael. so once again they're saving the world. this is up against record-breaking fate. it made over a billion dollars worldwide. what you think. can it come out on top.
6:52 am
>> this movie kicks off. opening up today. when this movie came out it was an unknown property. and it broke also to records coming in. it looks to open with about a hundred 4,270,000,000. it will be a big hit. >> it was a tough day at the office when i have to sit down with them. >> he will be here any minute. love this movie. any one person in the world have it. where had you been living.
6:53 am
actually, that's a good thing. when you guys pick up. >> about a couple months after the events of that first movie. there are a little bit more famous. while known when they're using that. they are inspired by each other. but the one thing they don't want to do is leave each other. >> at such a big part of this franchise. james is a really good at dj. >> what is it about these.
6:54 am
i think family is been such an important thing. you can really find a lot of goofiness. simile some really sad emotional and beautiful things in it. a lot of people can relate to. if you are someone whose father is gone and you never met them give a tendency to create. when you finally meet its it's all the positive energy of that. it's issues that have been created about not being together. i hope it takes away what they took away the first time.
6:55 am
there is a lot of heartfelt moments. that looks so great. you've a player in the bag of doritos. music is a big part of this movie. the first movie. it went at number one. even the previously released recordings went to number one. >>o you n listen to all of the songs. no other choice. i can live on doritos alone. and you save it after you eat
6:56 am
that. >> is one more way they can experience of the movie. that stuff michael. for dai we will be right back. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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maria: good friday morning everybody. thank you so much for being with us. it is friday may 5. your top stories right now. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast.
6:59 am
a victory for president trump to report. they praised the unity after the house vote. they are very united like saw them before. they are looking for to getting it. mitch mcconnell knows how to do things. the path forward is not so clear. with the political action committee. jobs in america the april jobs report is out in the next hour. they are expected to have added hundred 85,000 jobs. they are identifying where are the jobs now.
7:00 am
there is crude oil at $45. the equities look mixed. in markets the markets were mixed this morning. they were with the euro zone. all the indices are breakeven except for the dax index in germany. in asia overnight a couple of holidays to report. the other majors are down three quarter of 1%. alonso ball unveils it. there is a look at the speaker right now. plus game of thrones fans rejoicing. hbo working on a four spinoffs of the hit show. they're draining me to talk all about it. and the cheap -- chief operating officer.
7:01 am
great to see you. what happened in the first quarter because we saw seven tents of growth through did that gdp number. jobs disappeared. >> if you look at it there is there's only 533,000 jobs created up until we get the revisions of this morning. i think what were seen as that we started off and there was a lot of optimism and confidence. if you look at the jolts number. we had a seven month high. but wait are seen that employees are cautious. i think it's the wait-and-see mode what's can help it with healthcare reform. it is in line with the same growth.
7:02 am
it was slow going at the start of those years. it doesn't bode badly to the rest. we know the oil sector has really weakened here. just when it at the first quarter is seasonal or is this going to tell us something about where the jobs are today. they were hit very hard. we did expected though. the automotive and to to slow down a bit. and a lot of people were buying new cars. are we going to blame it on the weather again. the seven tenths of 1% growth. can you really blame it on
7:03 am
seasonal adjustments. seven tenths of a% and only point to 3% of that was consumer spending. the atlanta feds second quarter. even as a pullback the expectations. they are coming together to push their health care bill through the house. they are one step closer to repealing and replacing obama care. now the measure moves on to the senate. the groups have all come together. with the tuesday group. with the freedom caucus. and they are all great people
7:04 am
believe a lot of groups. but they all came together. we have just developed a bond. this is really brought them together. guy, good to see. they are struggling to find a clear direction. what are you your reactions. the democrats did all come together to vote against this bill but getting this stepped on was a turning point. it's too early to quite tell that for sure but it was definitely an accomplishment unto itself. it was all over the map when it came to what to do about obama care. the actual governing task that was a much different story. and it took a field of vote
7:05 am
vote in a big embarrassment and then some controlling and negotiations behind closed doors with the tuesday group. and eventually they get just over the line. now the thing to me as advance the ball. move this process forward to the senate. there will be significant renovations on this bill. the key is getting there because that was not necessarily clear. a very well could be. the one thing i will say is that they had been hanging back and watching the house for a while. they've a sense of what is in the republican bill that just got past. they know their members have a different set of priorities. there has been some more moderate folks in the senate. it's a more gradual change in the medicaid expansion reform
7:06 am
in the bill. we are concerned about people aged 55 to 65 and some of them. meanwhile you get to the other flank in the party. some of the same dynamics existed. the only thing i would point out is because of the backdrop to all of this which is a reconciliation bill which is that budgetary tactic because of the rules on reconciliation there had to be unlimited amendments to the senate bill. anyone can offer an unlimited number of amendments. one thing they were focused
7:07 am
on. he was getting and working on this in the house vote by vote. in terms of him lobbying and cajoling. to the american people the republicans have yet to message. the friend of mine. a well-known democrat put out a facebook page yesterday as a patent life. the oldest still have medicare. the thickest in the poorest still had medicaid. the democrats are ahead on the messaging. >> there is certainly some hysteria here about how this bill sentences people to death we sent -- we've seen a lot of that. if i were a hack i would say it's killing people.
7:08 am
but i'm not. it seems like the messaging on the left is this is a bill that doesn't help anyone. it will kill everyone. i think they overreached massively in their promises. they said it wasn't going to hurt anyone. it turned out to be a series of major lies. look, i think there needs to be some changes to the republican bill. but what they're saying as it's falling apart as it is. offer a better environment for insurers where they can offer more plants. it will help a lot of people. and entice more people into the risk pool. what they're saying is it's across the board. so many and dems are out
7:09 am
trashing this bill. that the republicans are trying to kill you. to that point, you can disagree with me. if they didn't do it. they were going to own it. if they're launching a new anti- trump political group guy. it has to be called onward together. what is hillary clinton fighting against here. they still are not listening
7:10 am
to the american people. select onward together that's what we need and is the american people. that's what we need and is more hillary clinton. i wonder if they will launch this political action committee. i think it might be a good move for the left. as long as hillary clinton is an public ever talking about it. she's very good at raising money. if she is going to raise a bunch of money for left wing causes she will be good at that. money and politics is a terrible thing.
7:11 am
eighty times the amount of money for the security industry that donald trump did. >> north of $80 million. that is incredible. thank you. the children's clothing store is preparing for bankruptcy now. [music] take you there.
7:12 am
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welcome back. a fatal accident in las vegas to report. share cheryl with the details now. >> more than a dozen middle school well then take that hospital after their school bus collided with the car and an intersection in las vegas yesterday. the driver of the car died in a child in the vehicle critically hurt.
7:15 am
none of the kids on the bus were seriously injured amazingly. >> another closing retailer in trouble. gymboree is looking to close a number of stores. 350 stores could be shut down very soon. games of throne has just two seasons left. they may live on. games of throne has just two seasons left. they may live on. the great game is terrified. hbo said that the close deal to explore different times of the best and rich universe. there is no set timetable for the project. for a couple dozen potential
7:16 am
script project stories open. july 16 just one more season after that. and then yesterday we told you that the einstein brother bagels is out with the first caffeinated bagel. it is an espresso infused bagel. that has 13 milligrams of protein. we have them on set. this is the capping buzz bagel. it taste like caffeine. a little bit like coffee. >> don't you like your bagel with a cup of coffee.
7:17 am
this is the cherry chia bagel. you can toss it to me. i will catch it. my is everyone laughing at me. people want caffeine. and it's a pumpernickel bagel. if you want caffeine when it you just drink a cup of coffee.
7:18 am
they're selling it as if they enjoy the flavor of the coffee. i'm a pumpernickel girl. bring on the caffeine. harry cups a day. back then i'm so glad to be back in new york and have a bagel. thank you. a great bagel shop actually. tensions flare. we are live in paris this morning.
7:19 am
a banner appeared on the eiffel tower. the potential number one pick. after his father's billion-dollar market and plan backfires. [music]
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
maria: welcome back. drama in dc.
7:23 am
jared max with that story. it was one, two three players ejected. up at 21 points early in the second when things got to be. the boston big man lays on the hard screen and now they called for the foul. it runs over shoves him to the ground. he would get ejected from the game as what to other players. the wizards 1116-89. just what it is. two teams competing whatever bad blood we've have in the season it's carried over to the playoffs.
7:24 am
the golden state warriors yet lose a game of the season. they led the way your attack. six assist. the warriors are up two games to zero. how much money would you pay for a peer of basketball sneakers. they want you to spend $495 for this the prime black leather sinker. has at microfiber python texture and a matte finish. and you can only get them online. and you're not allowed to return them and you're not allowed to exchange them. if you can't afford these. then you're not a big baller.
7:25 am
don't overcharge kids for shoes. and the show up first. as a local on the sneaker. coach zach smith calls a robbery. very interesting. even funnier is zach smith. they are expensive. is a different luxury designer behind the design here. battered leather altogether with staples. it gives it the ultimate falling to pieces look.
7:26 am
>> the shoe is made. and they had been known for years and years for deconstructed clothing and that actually is a huge trend unravel as another company that you buy sweatshirts that had holes in them. it is a trade to make it you look like you did hard work. i don't actually had a problem with design but the price is ridiculous. later today i will be putting the socks i work all day up on some the shops. it's almost like artwork. it's ridiculous for the price. i just want to say in case my son is watching it is
7:27 am
ridiculous. i think collin kapnick is going to get signed now because the smarts -- sports fans have the new number one jerk. my scent hasn't scored a point in the nba yet. jared, thank you. catch the sports reports. on sirius xm. the showdown has begun. and is just days away in terms of the election. we are live in paris this morning. the futures are pointing to mix opening this morning. it is due out in one hour.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
go to friday morning welcome back everybody. thanks for joining us. it is friday may 5. cinco de mayo your top stories right now. jobs in america the aprils jobs report out.
7:31 am
the unemployment rate expected to take up. they got the take on the economic story now. as you know the gdp numbers came out last week. way too low. we can continue with the economic policies of the last administration. we need to create a jobs and economic growth. we believe we can get to 3% sustained economic growth that will take us some time but that is our objective. the futures indicating a mix showing right now. they are down 11 points right now. in europe markets are little change. the industry ahead of the french election on sunday. the dax index is a down about a quarter of a percentage right now.
7:32 am
another big story straight for markets of this morning. oil prices are down nearly 5%. on concerns over oversupply. they are heading to the polls in today's time. anti- le pen protesters hanging it on that. they show the economy added. the unemployment rate is expected to take up to 4.6%. joining us right now. stephanie, it's good to see you. you are so right about the economy the last time you joined us.
7:33 am
he said look of the tax. look at the income numbers. things are really slow. in the quarter what are you expecting now? >> i expect more of the same. honestly this idea that we will have a spontaneous acceleration of growth always amuses me. growth peaks. as been slowing since. every quarter that kamal is 4% growth forecast and i'm trying to figure out why it is that were suddenly get to see that spontaneous acceleration. my feeling for the second quarter as we just continuing this trend. until they change the fundamentals with tax reform or a massive change in oil prices it's hard to see what could possibly change in reverse the trend. are you encouraged that at least the house is moving on
7:34 am
the healthcare bill. i really gets the tax reform on the table. we are really fighting against it now. the economy is slowing. you saw the reports for that. the ones that were seriously delinquent. it actually bottom to 2015. i'll be it from very low levels have started to move higher. when the trend turns it usually doesn't go up for a month and then reversed. when the credit cycle turns it turns and create continues to deteriorate. we need to see some positive movement on the fiscal front to help arrest these forces
7:35 am
before they become set. that has got to be better it will be interesting to see what they do in terms of her revision to last month. that number did seem like where did that come from. if they don't revise it up who will be will be a very powerful message. i think that the 12 month run rate is about hundred 75,000. it will be interesting to see it because we are running at 235,000 and 2015. the trend continues and jobs. to decelerate. what do you look for in this jobs report. what are the key indicators that you really focus on. obviously wages.
7:36 am
the number last month was also very disappointing in real terms they are not increasing at all. we need to get some real take. one thing that's going on for a while is the labor force participation and people 65 and older is the highest since the 60s because i can't afford to retire. that you see the unemployment rate may do that. if we get that participation rate to move up a little bit is in that more important. >> is what goes into it that really matters. you could take everybody out of the labor force and get 0% unemployment. the participation rate disses
7:37 am
65 over. the record participation for the highest since the 60s. as a it is the lowest since the 60s. they're not having jobs freed up for them because all the retirees have to stick around. even some of the younger millenials of course younger but living at home maybe estate and school longer. or doing other things. years ago we started talking about there is can be a shortage of talent. and to your point you're saying no they're not. they can't afford to. why would you be having margaritas.
7:38 am
there are some people who work into the well into their mate keen -- until they meet their maker. meet their maker. five month low. what are the implications of this in terms of having on the broader market and terms of the economy. oil is just one of many commodities that had dropped sharply in the last few months. they found 10%. copper is down 10%. for the economic growth story as it relates to oil i think it's really interesting because i look at it every week. and the speculators came into
7:39 am
this with a record record long oil. prices were around 50. they are more bullish than when prices were at their peak in 2014. and as the recount has gone up. inventories have been built. prices have come down. they are taken down from their position. they are still as bullish as they were in the peak in oil prices. not process it could be really painful for oil prices. when you hear people predict those oil prices. the marginal cost has collapsed. i remember looking at this and the break even was breakeven was around $95 a barrel. it's now 35. they can afford to continue to ramp up production.
7:40 am
i think we have lower prices. it's lower before we see higher. do you buy into the idea that this administration can get two to 3% growth as a result of these tax plans. a lot of people are questioning whether 34% growth is achievable in the next couple of years, what do you take. once the fear gets into the system is very hard to get out. we need to see the stimulus take effect. it's like with tarp. we have that panic there was so much credit risk and concern out there. you need to implement some stimulus to try to get people to stop panicking. were really running against
7:41 am
it. it has begun to turn. and when it starts to really deteriorate than they will have a major problem and they will have to do even more aggressive stimulus to really had the kind of numbers that they want to put on the board. keep it right here we will have the live coverage of the april jobs report. join us for our special coverage at 8:00 a.m. eastern. coming up all of the world watching france this week and ahead of the election. and the taste of cinco de mayo. the traditional dishes of the holiday. [music]
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7:46 am
a greenpeace today. a banner that says the liberty, equality resist the greenpeace. it's all about her saying that we must resist that. let me remind you also that monday is victory day in europe. we are going into a three day weekend. that too could add to the low voter turnout.
7:47 am
some of them getting out of control saying that they don't want either of them. and they certainly don't want the current president. it's very much divided. we will keep checking back with you. we had live coverage of the april jobs report. as soon as it is released. you get a taste of that traditional holiday dishes. first once again here is our mariotti band. [music]
7:48 am
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happy cinco de mayo everybody. it is a celebration commemorating the moments mexico won a battle against french forces back in 1882. sammy, good to see.
7:52 am
you immigrated here. it is one is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. we have a guacamole and all of these amazing mexican dishes as well. enjoy the festivities. people just take advantage of this holiday. it will be busy throughout the night. in the avocado it all looks .-ellipsis by the way. he wanted to vote for donald trump for president. you are a small business owner.
7:53 am
the thoughts on the president's first 100 days. before he took over they decline . i'm going up tremendously. ten or 15%. people are spending more and they're going out more. very influential neighborhood. they are going out more. you think they are going out as well. the policies are 15% business tax. that is what donald trump wants. i welcome it. we struggled in the past.
7:54 am
there actually asking for the more expensive bottles. i will go downstairs and get it. i will bring in other special collection. it's getting a lot better. that's great. we have the octopus tacos here. that's really good. forty different ingredients on it. that's all she does is make the step. i welcome anyone to join us. we will have a margarita i guess.
7:55 am
i'm honored. coming up live coverage. analysis of the april jobs report. [music] with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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7:58 am
maria: good friday morning. welcome back. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday, may 5, cinco de mayo, your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the april jobs' report out in 30 minutes' time all over it economy dppd to have added 185,000 ensue jobs last month unemployment rate is expected to kick up, in the last month to 4.6%, we've got full coverage on deck analysis all hour beginning now jobs' report will set the tone for markets, of course, right now markets are slow, take a look dow industrials fractionally lower nasdaq, fractionally higher in europe markets little changed big election in france, the ft 100 up a fraction as cac quarante in frce, the redaction this morning down a quarter of a percent, on asia markets lower with the exception of a couple holidays japan was closed as was korea for a holiday, hang
7:59 am
seng down 3/4 of a percent as shanghai composite in china, victory for president trump and house republicans passed the bill to repeal and replace obamacare in the house celebrated the vote at the white house, watch. >> it was a big day but it is just one step in this process. >> we puth took first step toward rescuing families from failures of obamacare great day for america a great day for this administration. but it is a truly great day for the american people. maria: now battle movers to the senate we are anticipating lots of action there, we will tell you about it, is mr. protests in venezuela raging this morning death toll rising the very latest coming out of venezuela this morning, more for airlines delta in hot seat facing fury after family kicked off the plane after refusing to give up a seat paid for fallout ahead brooklyn a café locks horns
8:00 am
with star bubs over unicorn frappuccino brewing in chloral drink creates a kfc steamy colonel sanders in new roms novel for mother's day. >> dagen mcdowell, chief operating officer president courtney financial analyst heather, 32 adviser ceo robert wolf joining the conversation great to see everybody, good morning great to see you robert. >> great to be on with heather and joanie thoughts on bill passed yesterday. >> well my thoughts certainly i think the trump president trump and his administration, you know worked hard to get there i am not supportive of what passed. if i am happy to talk about why i am not supportive of it but -- listen the affordable care act, and i know rates are rising we are going to talk about that before, affordable care act based on mandatory provisions for everyone to join in, to offset, the high risk enrollees, highly
8:01 am
unlikely that is enenforced under president trump agency insurance agencies insurance companies worrying about death spiral more high-risk people joining while lower enrollment, and so not surprising that insurance companies are now looking at that, and gapping things up i think the process has been, you know, incredibly volatile for those who need health insurance i actually was at a cancer event last night, and you know republican democrats left, right everyone very nervous about how provisions ar preexisting conditions, so you know, there is a lot of people experimenting with a lot of new drugs things like that, so i am nervous about it i don't think it will pass in -- >> the state is sharing much of the burden dagen that is one of the things that came out of the bill last night. >>. dagen: preexisting health conditions insurers are required to cover people but the states can get a waiver, and if they get a waiver, they
8:02 am
have to provide a pool to cover those people greatest at risk, and it does -- we have this in the past with more than half the stated, it does oi i will admit does complicate matters it does roll back to where we were before obamacare. maria: let's talk about details of this bill, because,, of course, the republicans are saying this is a victory for the gop, they reach a mainly milestone in their fight to repeal and replace obamacare blake burman at the white house this morning has latest details right now, blake, good morning to you. reporter: hi, maria. good morning to you as well make no doubt about it a major sigh of relief yesterday at the white house for president trump, republican lawmakers, after the ahca passed on house floor slightest of margins 217-213 lawmakers came to house open mic frorment with president touting legislation the way they see forward president had a good laugh with where things now keep in
8:03 am
mind there was 41 days prior that the first bill got if you would from the floor, quite a difference a month and a half, listen to president trump from yesterday. >> i was joking i said paul for the last week i have been hearing paul ryan, doesn't have it, it is not working with paul ryan. he is going to get rid of paul ryan. then today i heard paul ryan a genius. >> the work here is hardly over in fact over in the senate where this bill will head next senate republicans say they might not even take up this bill instead they could ride it in their own form, their own fashion, and kind of take it from that point going forward, and then two measures would have to be meshed one skeptical republican senator rand paul. >> you know i think the house freedom caucus made the bill less bad. >> sounds like a "no" vote? >> it is going to take a little bit of work, to get me to a "yes" vote. >> president trump did say yesterday a couple different times he thinks both chambers could eventually come together, and get this repeal
8:04 am
and replace of obamacare passed, and as he put it, maria at this rose garden ceremony at white house yesterday ended by saying quote the journey continues, ain't that true. >> we watch journey move to senate blake thank you blake burman in washington as wrp health care bill heads to the senate more for obamacare last insurer with a marketplace plan in iowa said wednesday, it is considering withdrawing from the state's exaggerate according to "the wall street journal" insurers in virginia maryland are seeking major premium increases for 2018 exchange plans, anthem wants to hike premiums nearly 38% in virginia, carry first blue cross blue child proposing whooping 52% average increase in maryland talking about this plan robert you said this is not the plan that you wanted, in terms of of the bill yesterday, but what needs to change, in terms of getting numbers down? you look at iowa, 94 out of 99
8:05 am
counties without health care, you look at virginia, you know, aetna pulling out now others pulling out what needs to happen? listen, i am for the mandatory enrollment, because that is the only way we can really pay for medicaid and medicaid expansion otherwise go back to where we were 10 years ago emergency rooms, okafor the uninsureds being used as providers, then tax payers insurance companies cannot afford that sociolisten no one is saying that the affordable care act obamacare was perfect, far from perfect my only point is i think we he should have it raitsdz off that that seems what the moderate senators republican party want to two they want to keep the medicaid provision preexisting conditions but they want to maker they get premiums down to. >> that circle is near impossible, i mean just is, if you don't have a mandatory enrollment i know that -- in america, we don't like government ever forcing mandatory enrollment so i am
8:06 am
not sure what -- >> the taxes, that people are feeling like that was a appreciate for business i mean the republican plan repeals a slew of obamacare taxes so including, the -- being a take a look at big ones individual mandate tax employer mandate tax cabinet tax pressuring businesses. >> medical devices tax also the additional investment tax on investment income 3.8%, disappears at the end of this year, the sum that stay in place 9/10 of a percent additional medicaid taxing wealthy americans budgeting gimmicks in there i i would it be out something robert was talking about the republican plan they are hoping that if you let these states states get waivers can allow insurance companies to sell
8:07 am
policies that don't have all these riegs and requirements in them, that they will be able to offer, young people policies that they want, they can use, at lower premiums and at lower cost, so if you can -- if through that through general incentives get young individuals to sign up because that is where the failure was, is that young people because of this insurance -- >> not going to -- >> they already did not that is why a lot of -- that is why the costs out of whack insurance pulled out of exaggerates. >> right you gave the answer, how do we get young people and insurance companies to be more aligned, lower the pricing make they will feel it is affordable. >> you know to answer -- >> but -- >> my own point is. dagen: you don't agree with republican idea what they are doing. >> that is an incredible gamble on one of the most important things in our country is, making shire people have health care, i
8:08 am
don't know if that is the risk that will work or not -- >> young people, they want coverage, obviously, like when young graduates come to us and looking for jobs one of the most important things to them is benefits but they are concerned about the costs. and unfortunately, with obamacare the cost for them could be young, and health, and you know not have any preexisting conditions or anything but the costs rise, will just was too much, and that is what was so out of whack. >> i am not disagreeing, but the problem we have here when we like it or not, okay, the actual cost of health care is going up either way, that is a given. the question is and this is where i think this is where obamacare is not getting the credit deserves everyone can yell and screen inflation rate slowed that is a fact, even though some states were higher some states low but either way we all want health care prices
8:09 am
to go down, this plan, nor object plan is doing that. >> let me ask you about mr. obama himself you are a good friend the president, obama. >> last week doing well -- >> seems well making lots of money on speaking fees heavy criticism for 400,000 dollar speaking fee in perspective that is what a sitting president makes in a full year the fee has some republican lawmakers calling to strip his pension even elizabeth warren says she what did she call it a slithering snake, money. what do you think, robert. >> i think the following, one, he is a private scitizen i don't have a problem how he gets paid he donated two million dollars to chicago, summer jobs no one is talking about that if he does not make money that two million to chicago jobs program isn't happening, secondly, people he aren't talking about where he is speaking he is speaking at the healthcare conference going to be speaking about the comparison of trump care ryan
8:10 am
care they won't label that. >> start speaking out. >> i didn't say start speaking but out talking about -- >> -- he doesn't want to get involved in elections getting involved in french election viva france. >> another topic but my only point i like that he is speaking at health care concerns because i think people should understand the differences between, you know where obamacare is where health care is. >> 400,000. >> that is going rate. >> we are -- >> we are -- >> make whatever he can make. >> shines light on hypocrisy among many democrats hillary clinton took more than 8 million dollars from security investment industry, 80 times more money, he took a million bucks. >> one thing i know. >> whether we like it or not the president, president obama is the most particular person
8:11 am
in this country he is asked every day to speak so he is going to be doing a bunch of speeches. >> what i he going to today. >> talk about how great fox is about is -- >> cnbc going to -- >> exactly, okay, then we like that kind of speech. >> someone on twitter says yeah. >> we take a short break when we come back delta airlines under fire forcing a family off a plane for refusing to give up their child's seat the uproar ahead then we are 20 minutes away from big jobs' report for the month of april breaking it down what you need to know we are identifying where jobs are, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ t valve problem, and you're taking warfarin, you have the choice of a different kind of blood thinner. pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart, forming a clot which can cause a stroke in the brain. in a clinical study, pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk. and in the rare case of an emergency situation, when seconds matter, there's the only fda-approved
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maria: welcome back, armored vehicle rolling over antigovernment protesters in venezuela, cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: some of what you are about to see is is disturbing as antigovernment protesters
8:15 am
about clashing with police armored vehicle pushing back protesters rolling over some of them. it is not clear how many people were killed or injured, in that attack. venezuela has been hit by major protesters since last month demand release of opposition leader lopez, more than 35 people killed so far during these protests. >> another airline incident this one, an delta a couple from hawaii to l.a. on april 23rd with two toddlers say they were kicked off overbooked flute because they had two-year-old sitting on seat purchased for their teenage son who took another flight wasn't in the seat. >> -- >> -- and came to move off the flight -- >> you know. >> okay. so my unless -- cheryl: brian britney two kids removed from the plane
8:16 am
after a long back-and-forth between brian and airline personnel, said they needed seat for stand by passenger apologized said should he would get refund for tickets, other types of compensation. 12450 video posted youtube by beshears. >> starbucks unicorn frappuccino for new york café grounds to sue brooklyn café called tend is suing for 10 million for trademark infringement on unicorn latte it starting to sell last december contains dates, ginger root starbucks says lawsuit has no merit, then speaking of frappuccinos kicking off happy hour promotion a half price frap chino from 3 pm to 6 pm until may 14, finally this shg, sande a roms novel hello in time for moekdz kentucky friday chicken
8:17 am
releasing tender wings of desire, colonel sanders potential love interest a hottie, part of marketing campaign you can download it free amazon happy mother's day mom enjoy "bromance." >> 15 minutes away from the april jobs' report, we are counting down, until that jobs' report comes out, at bottom of the hour going to set tone for markets we've got everything you need to know next. back in a minute. #
8:18 am
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maria: breaking news west virginia to report according to local media at ups plane has crashed, at charleston yeager airport reportedly four people onboard trapped in the wreckage right now no reports of injuries so far, we are recovering the story watching closely the latest as it develops, again ups plane crash, in west virginia this morning, the april jobs' report due out in a few minutes analysts expecting to
8:22 am
show 185,000 jobs added to the economy last month unemployment ticking to up 4.6% bring in fox news contributor steve cortes "barrons" editor jack, thanks for joining the conversation kick us off what are you expecting from day's report. >> look, last month was lackluster, that was a problem because we have seen a lot of mo momentum i think in the economy when you look at stock market but also some of the data things like, purchasing manager next being indices global growth accelerating corporate earnings very strong last month's job number no way to shine -- it was a stink so i hope we can rebound a lot of last month number was based on whether i think also key to look for revisions as important as headlined numbers each month are revisions look back historicallying revisions great way to look at true trends if last month's number revised up incredibly bullish for the economy. maria: what we are forced on whether or not the number gets revised up from 98,000, the
8:23 am
month before, and then, of course, wages as well what do you look for. >> well, wages that is one of the most important things, obviously we want to he that ticking higher ticking up at .2,.3% we want to see that trend continue, we don't want to see believe it or not, too much wage increase, because that would shift inflationary pressures that might force fed to move even more than we expect probably two times this year i also have to agree with steve completely i think 98,000 a weather fluke i suspect will get revised up, and for this month, for the april report probably see around 190,000 unless there is that bigger bump as kind of a corrective answer from one in march. >> heather, janie robert wolf your thoughts on economy right now ahead of jobs numbers. >> i think doing a little better than it feels, i mean i know gdp number was lousy i know last jobs' report was lousy, but you know, when i was voifg object over 8 years we can't look at everything on
8:24 am
monthly basis you have to look at the trend, obama over in 2015 averaging north of 200,000, today we are averaging 175 is run wait to 16, i think would it be -- at the end of the day things feel better i know numbers don't look that way but i that i catchup. >> after the break april jobs' report on deck stay with us. ♪ you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy!
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8:28 am
sunday the enfromch election cac quarante up 7 points, the dax in german down quarter of a per cent asia overnight issue markets lower nikkei average kospi closed, japan korea closed for headline. >> what ri expecting what impact on markets. >> if we do not get uptick in wage growth, to 2.7% most important number even more important in my opinion than unemployment rate itself ticking up from 4.5 to 4.6% if we don't get that markets will make -- it doesn't make sense why all-time highs in the market with anemic gdp, and jobs, that a tight labor market wage growth isn't there. >> shining slow down first quarter already going into this. >> absolutely i think we really have to look maria at all s sectors in this job report where are jobs coming back, is are we seeing growth again in manufacturing because we started off the year with a
8:29 am
bump that slowed down, construction slowed down talk about weather will those jobs come back? professional business services health care consider what is going to happen with retail you know we saw retailers lay off over 30,000 -- >> it is great that on in -- no won is spending. >> that is the problem dagen first quarter was consumer, the confidence did materialize in spending in the economy labor participation also -- 63% -- >> what it was in, the month of march we want more people to be participating, this is still near the loss of about 30 some-odd years ago. >> thoughts ahead of this. >> that is one more point talked about -- would i love to see that tick up if you get a bunch of people flowing into job market that means, wages will probably eventually rise polite not this month you've got more demanded. >> steve. >> stock market has run quite a long way so even though i am very long term bullish because i do believe this at the end
8:30 am
of the day is going to get tax reform done near-term i think stocks probably overheated going to need a great number today to churn higher. maria: are greet number to move from here, that number 158,000 we are expecting -- 185,000 expecting at labor department now. reporter: -- 211,000 jobs created in april, total nonfarm payrolls 211,000 private sector up 194,000 unemployment rate 4.4%, that is lowest rate since may 2007 labor participation 62.9% hovered there three years still lowest, since 1978. part-time appointment there fell 281,000 how to 5. million job creation leisure hospitality up 55 o,000, health care, social assistance up 37,000 financial activities up 19,000 about, mining 9,000
8:31 am
professional business services up 39,000, retail was up moderately up 6300 jobs, big job losses, in information services and media employment down 7,000 jobs, average workweek up 1/10 of hour to 34.4 average hourly earnings up 7 cents to 26 dollars and 19 cents an hour year-over-year up 2.5%, month over month up 3/10 of a percent u6, april 8.6% lowest since november of 2007 there are 1.6 million people long-term unemployed year-over-year down 433,000, the headlines again job creation 211,000 april unemployment rate 4.4%, its lowest since may 2007 there are 7.1 million americans unemployed. maria: hourly wages you said also up this is better-than-expected report across the board isn't it.
8:32 am
>> it is across the board, much better-than-expected report manufacturing i heard one guest say wanted to see tick-up minimal. >> the erection. >> roigs okay risks from 98,000 to 79,000 february up from 219,000 to 232000 a net loss for two months revised down 6,000. maria: great, great job,ed a a.m. thank you, it is a strong report this morning robert. >> very good report, i mean i don't think there is anything you can look at doesn't say a real positive versus last numbers hopefully a sign weather impact on gdp was factual, at the end of the day you know looks like we are going to be running 175 plus when we were throughout 2016. but that is very good number, i think that with especially labor participation rate people feel good about it. >> i think you know i am
8:33 am
cautious to say -- it doesn't -- it is a good report it is not a great report, i do want to point out we have been averaging about 00,000, we -- 200,000 the economy needs to get back teeding 300,000 jobs that is a really great report, but overly really good report to see wages up average workweek up, labor participation you know has still been hovering we actually ticked down from 63 to 62.9, unemployment going down to 4.4% could mean less people participating in the workforce and that is still a challenge. >> dagen, thank you march number went from bad to worse, we wanted to focus on roigs we revision down 98,000 -- for march number. dagen: 6 months in 6,000 jobs, downward revision the net loss two months not good news, this 211,000 jobs added is above the 12-month run rate
8:34 am
stephanie pomboy mentioned 175,000 jobs does show an important uptick in the month of april altogether critical, and unemployment rate falling which is also very positive development there, there is not -- very hard to find anything to be concerned about -- in jobs' report. maria: the markets relatively flat but s&p ticking a little bit higher, and dow hanging in there unchanged. >> no raks in terms of markets are concerned steve, what do you make of this? >> look, i think you really have to it it in pike a particuy -- the last one was disappointing a strike out of the plate, this is a 400 foot home run as far as i am concerned, i think we can i am skeptical of excuses a massive country good weather somewhere bad weather somewhere else seems weather excuse in this case last month, truly was
8:35 am
valid i love the fact that we added retail jobs what a surprise there, i think a strong report we need to get back to 3, 400,000 a month job creation do i believe we will get back to that 1980 style growth first get tax reform to get there doesn't our current structure of onerous taxation i think terrifically backs up what we have seen in corporate earnings, had been really, really strong, that sent key stocks all-time highs tech names k consumer discussion the markets are expecting, that this kind of growth is going to be the baseline and then up. >> let me ask you something. you know if you look at gdp numbers you look at the recent fed statements, more or less is there as you go look at numbers just say average this year 175, in 2015 averaging 275 i don't think we get back there right now we have -- the republican economists talking about 4 plus percent gdp, most
8:36 am
people do not find that realistic, and so how do you square that circling going from you know 1%, or 2% gdp which is where most people think around 2% to this 4% number, based on these numbers just steady as they go. >> right, it is a great question and they have been as it as you go for now i think we are about to see a massive paradigm shift once he tax reform what i mean most by that is once we see capital investment which is something we haven't seen capex spending by companies all they've done in this century frankly basically since year 2000 is financially engineer buy back their shares pay out dividends, wonderful, by the way, for 1% if you are owner of assets, a terrific decade, for working americans an absolute slob trump was elected largely to change that once we change tax code and incentive companies to invest in people, in plants, in technology, we are going to see kind of productivity gain that we have not seen in this century yet, that we used to have in 80s, 90s that is how
8:37 am
we get 3, 4, i think even 5% growth, i really think the american economy -- tomorrow kentucky derby american economy those are weighted down thoroughbred wants to run once we take off washington a wet that horse i are gosing to absolutely take off. >> take off i like that analogy jack your thoughts. >> one i think 4.4% unemployment rate is -- sheds light on that discussion between robert and steve just then, economists say full employment is 5% we are below they are other cal full employment i don't see how you get 400,000, people join the workforce unless that participation rate ticks up dramatically, and, yes,, 4.4% you expect wages to go up right because there is so much demand but frankly i think unrealistic i talked to a lot of monday managers i haven't found one building into his model 4 puerto ricoed, 5% economic growth everyone thinking 2% not a political
8:38 am
thing just mature economy with aging demographics. >> i ins that i hear that a lot we are very mature in 1980s able to go 7% under ronald reagan. >> two differences, one woman pouring into workforce, also, baby boomers most productive level you have a huge bump in people in 0's, 40s -- 30s, 40s productive level in workforce you don't have that now. >> that is why i am not saying going to get to 7 i think we can do dral better than where we are i think we have gotten acustody the ombudsman -- accustomed to slow growth, number two i think it is causing so many problems in our country, whether social economic political problems, the divisiveness -- in our country. maria: all about jobs absolutely. >> we lean on joanie she is out there knows where all jobs are, and you are seeing young people, middle-aged older americans come to you looking
8:39 am
for work, where are the jobs right now? >> there is --, you know that is one point i have to make, it is all generations this is an interesting time we have all generations looking for work, the jobs continue to be in health care, probably the strongest o sector and when i say that i mean there is information technology jobs there is accounting finance jobs, in that health care sector that is performing the best there is a lot of opportunity there, what i do like about this report, though, is that the jobs have come back in just about all sectors across the board so you are seeing professional and business service sector even growth retail great to see 6,000 jobs in retail sector. that is good but mining, the oil and gas jobs, those have come back. we talked about it before, about you know, that sector was hit so hard, in the recession, those jobs have come back, there is a strong
8:40 am
demand in oil and gas field, they shed so many jobs really so lean, that they were forced to hire back. so across the board, really good growth, that is about all the sectors are adding jobs in this report. maria: got to be happy about retail jobs dagen. dagen: retail jobs across the board, but i'm one area for concern is there is wage growth number losing steam down -- and because the high was back in december, it was highest since 2009 at 2.9% we were getting near 3% mark really critical, because one of the things held back spending in this recovery is the fact that people are just not making that much money and it they don't -- creates a sense of kind of, nervousness and unhappiness with the state of the economy that has to improve it went the wrong direction last month. >> that was one weak spot you
8:41 am
are identifying. dagen: right. >> the number itself is good would i say idea of tax cuts we are not going to see retail tax reform trickle down economics being compared to where we were in 80s i just don't think is as relevant as -- >> what they are talking about robert is tax reform they have come out with a blueprint president trump has about rolling back the deductions, about criticizing a reform package now obviously going to go through many iterations but more than just cuts what he is hoping for. >> there is a big difference between blueprint and where we weekend up his blueprint legal would be incredibly positive for the economy is not being passed because the republicans are not going to pass that with the deficits that it will create. okay, irrespective what democrats may or may not like in it republicans are not going to pass that bill so i think. >> you think has o top reinforce neutral. >> near revenue neutral at
8:42 am
least scoring that has some -- relevance to gdp. >> i think the administration i know i was at the white house yesterday talk together a lot of my friends there in administration the white house i think is relatively unconcerned with being relatively revenue neutral this should not be concern because guess what -- >> it is -- >> you are absolutely right. >> people's more than first of all, the people's more than secondly we need growth far more than we need near-term deficit instructionlets not be penny wise pound foolish if we grow that is the way we systemically reduce deficits. >> -- earlier in the week robert that he is expecting the fact that taxes come down for businesses tax cone all the way down for individuals corporations that will generate growth and help to pay -- >> we should be clear we have a continuing resolution reconciliation because congress forced the revenue neutral okay, expectation in
8:43 am
2007 when we could have actually, 2007, 2016 that 8-year period we wanted to bring taxes, all sides down to 25% for manufacturing, 28% for business tax reform but mandated to be revenue neutral so -- >> over 10-year period. >> hoo over 10-year period are where we were if changing we will see if ryan can get votes i am for tax reform. >> i think tax reform is key to making employers hiring health care reform is so important, but it is the regulation the tax reform that is what we will really see some movement in employers adding to thursday -- >>. dagen: how about repealing health insurance mandates, particularly with small business, small businesses if you because again companies that lended number full-time employees since obamacare was put in place agent why he do want health care first we all
8:44 am
agree reform on taxes should have been been done first but needed to repeal some taxes to raise a trillion dollars to help pay for this. >> no question president trump his administration rightfully so think they need the health care 3.8% tax, to actually make tax reform numbers work. >> do you think trying to get it all done some ways wanted to come out really, tackle everything, you know quick as possible. >> listen, i don't know why i am -- a lot of what president trump is doing that said first 100 days should go after what he campaigned for and he is. >> more on jobs' report and impact with when we come right back. stay with us. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality.
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whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. april jobs' report is at you economy added 211,000 jobs in april beat economists expectations better than expected the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.4%, as i see markets, not reacting all that much, off fraction plea that is a referral from earlier losses in the dow joining us right now, joining the conference charles payne for stuart varney today hosting "varney & company" good morning. >> good morning, i love the number, you know i heard dagen earlier talk about wages i agree there, also, participation rate, just flatly down but 211,000 a
8:49 am
strong number, all things considered, we've had 3 last four months above 200,000 beating consensus i think one of the things the market is french election right now let's not forget after first round came in, dow up 200 points potentially one, two punch between today's jobs reports chance mac ron victory over weekend a delayed reaction on monday can see dow skyrocket next week take us to new all anaheim highs the key has been corporate earnings, and guidance, phenomenal areas that we needed to be phenomenal in including, he multiple zrail name. >> up 10% first quarter dagen unemployment rate down for a reason you pointed out 4.4% anonymity rate how do you see it. >> part was from hiring, that is, you know survey different than survey done to get 211,000 job creation number that we get, but it was also
8:50 am
because, people are participating in labor force that causes unemployment rate to fall. >> i just wanted to add guys we are talking about real unemployment number, 8.6 i want everyone to consider, last month it was 8.9 we came intoier january 9.4, from 9.4% to 8.6% months about remarkable. >> he lowest since november 2007 coming on 10 years, to the point that we haven't seen in economic numbers, the optimism among individuals businesses we didn't see among individuals in terms of these of spending but we are seeing businesses, out there, hiring, so the world didn't come to an end when donald trump got elected. >> yeah. >> inaugurated in january. >> jobs obviously -- incredible about bullish sentiment what would coke it off a little.
8:51 am
>> long term delay in trump economic agenda not 100 or 200-day delay i keep telling people remember a few years ago the base whether businesses were people or not it got silly but i do say that businesses are organisms they want to grow they want to take market share want to innovate dominate they have to been in hibernation 8 years we have seen the chels of commerce turning in is to many areas not just soft data but hard data csx a rail company, they are all saying same thing wheels of customers picking up steam, ahead of all other things coming to fruition, so we could be derail no pun intended but i love what i am seeing. maria: markets are higher fractionally higher 10 points dow industrials jock what do you planned for "barrons" this weekend. >> one more jobs we haven't touched on yet, that it looks
8:52 am
like the gig primaryers may be getting full tile jobs i think i heard part time jobs down a little bit so that is a good sign, as for "barrons" cover story is interesting piece where to find income, despite improving economy, fed hicks any saber knows interest rates really, really low, so we are talking to experts about some places where they see the a little bit of hope for income, my one of the more interesting ones mlp got hammered when oil prices fell down a lot of people think a good place to go right now. >> we will look for that where you find income. dagen: number ployed part time for economic reasons declined by 281,000 last month to 5.3 million in april, so to jack's point that is spot-on. >> steve your thoughts, wages seem to be one of the weak spots here but pretty good report, and we are seeing job
8:53 am
creation, pretty much every industry. >> right i will say that is probably one problem i have with this jobs number i would have liked to have seen a wedge number at least 27 we need to get above 3% such a bad decade for wages that we can't have we can't return to regular growth we need outsized growth 3 percent plus i think going to get there regardless financial markets i would say this, that they have priced a lot of this in what i am talking about kind of of optimism corporate earns i do not know whether stock market vaults higher it already had incredible run k consumer names up 20% since election it is hard to get a ton of upside until we get tax reform once we do, this american economy is set to get into another hi higher gear. >> earnings picture is expected bright throughout the year. >> we know corporate america is extraordinarily cautious when it comes to guidance whether underpromise overperform so far this quarter 60 puerto rico names
8:54 am
reporting amazing but, again, what i like is the areas that are doing very well, are the building blocks of the growing economy, and these things just don't happen in a blink they are not quarterly events when they start to happen keep happening a long time, and this is what has me thinking, i don't want to disagree with steve first of all i wouldn't bet against market right now i think can break out from here the other factors that had nothing to do with fundamentals like short covering, and money administration who have been wrong a long time trillions of dollars on sidelines helping to goose that even more. >> charles see you he 10 minutes on "varney & company", steve, jack, great conversation we appreciate you joining us this morning, we've got final thoughts from all-star panel on set on april jobs' report, looking ahead to next week. that is next. ♪ s in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home.
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8:58 am
>> if you think about where job creation has come from in this country over the last hundred years and certainly in the last 20 years, it's been from small to medium sized companies that have grown and created jobs for people all over the country. and these are the companies that really are the underpinnings of our economy and it's why, actually, we've been so successful because we provide such a great system for entrepreneurs to succeed. maria: that was the ceo of nasdaq on job creation in america. you can catch me with friedman
8:59 am
tonight. breaking news, president trump just tweeting big win in the house, very exciting, but when everything comes together with the inclusion of phase two, we will have truly great health care. we want to get some final thoughts here from our all star pa panel on the jocks number. participating right and revision was the negative i see. dagen: one negative i see wage growth. went from 2 1/2% and we need that 3% as steve cortez was mentioning and that will get people feeling better about the economy and the country. >> i think we were expecting a rebound, it definitely was a good rebound. we're not seeing a lot of reaction right now to the job report and i think that's because it's kind of in line with where we were before. maybe it is a little better. so, certainly, a good report. hopefully it will keep up.
9:00 am
>> that's right, the markets are-- need another catalyst higher. it's obviously not the jobs data this morning, it's obviously got to come out of washington. >> everyone is looking at second quarter gdp to see if it's a head fake as well in the first quarter. maria: next week, the french elections and "varney & company." charles payne is in for stuart. charles: thank you, maria. we have a lot of stories, 211,000 jobs added in april, that's a very solid report. the real unemployment rate drops to its lowest point in almost a decade. gary cohn from the president's economic team will join us in studio later this hour. that's a first on fox business interview. meanwhile, house republicans gave president trump a huge win on health care, but democrats taunted them. wait until you hear what they had to say after the vote. another incident on a plane caught on video. this time a family forced to get off an overbooked plane


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